First time working with a designer/design team

First time working with designer/ design team?

You don’t need to know what all this means…

Here are a few tips to surviving the first contact to approving the work they were hired for.

  • First step is to hire the right designer for you! Your near future consists of a lot of due diligence and contact forms. If you get a good feeling from early discussions and you feel comfortable with the company; you’re on the right track.


  • You have never spoken to a professional design team before and you’re worried about being baffled and discombobulated by technical terms and jargon. (WARNING: If you don’t have a continued relationship with your designer, NEVER say “I don’t know what you mean”. We advise you to Google what it is that you don’t understand… It prevents a cowboy designer from taking advantage of your naivity.


  • BE SPECIFIC and go into as much detail as you possibly can. We as designers like to get the piece completed on the first shot (this occurrence is as rare as a snake footprint).


  • Describe your vision in detail and send samples of what you like, your favourite colours and general look.
More details the better


  • Send your designer a business breakdown! Like a business plan; list all of your services as you would like them to appear, inform them of your future plans for more services/products etc.


  • HAVE A SET BUDGET…and ensure that your designer agrees to keep within that budget. You can send them terms of payment and if they go over the budget; you only pay the agreed fee. DON’T GET CONNED!


  • Do you need on-going help from your designer? IF you pick the right team/person; they will offer additional services that you may want to benefit from: Social Media, blogging, marketing, website updating… (this list really is endless)


  • TIME! Now this is where your designer will really want to be clear (if he/she doesn’t, be aware) Arranging a timescale to get the work done is imperative, your time is spent sending all the info your designer needs; your designers time is usually costing you money. A website can often be completed within 10 days if all the information is there for them to work with.
Tick £, Tick £, Tick £


  • What you are doing is building a relationship with your designer, if you care about your companies image etc, he/she will be on your speed dial; right next to your doctor, dentist and personal trainer. Keep each other happy and you’ll both benefit massively.


  • TRUST YOUR DESIGNER! A true professional knows best. The moment you hire a designer; you’re handing control of your companies image to them. You hired them for a reason, let them do what you pay them for. To hire an electrician and tell him how to wire your kitchen would be silly. Take a step back and trust in your designer to choose the best approach to your image. He will want the continued work and his reputation is at stake.