Branding is my logo, right?

You have your logo, so your branding is sorted... not exactly!

To understand branding, we need to break it down into three parts;

-Your Image

-Your Company

-Your Reputation

Get all these steps in order and your brand will stand a better chance of survival in this digital jungle.

Your image

OK you have your logo, great.

That is the first step to creating your image, you now need to decide what kind of image you want. Don't try to compete with the big boys, be innovative and stand out from the crowd. If you're a swish new coffee shop that sells pastries, don't be like everyone else...

Find your niche and exploit it.

People generally don't fall for it either, if you choose a similar look to Costa, you will be reminding people that Costa exists... they then go to Costa (other famous coffee shops are available, I just prefer Costa)

Have a 'Speciality Product'

If you specialise in something, push that product/ service etc. For instance, we specialise in branding and brand creation but, we offer many other services too.

The main purpose of the "Right image" is to stand out amongst your peers. Simple (sometimes)

Your Company

Image decided... next.

The easiest way to decide what your brand is to your company, imagine your company as a human being.

-What kind of person am I?

-What is my work ethic?

-What kind of place would I like to work for?

-What type of people do I socialise with?

-How do I treat others?


Do not focus on:

What should I wear today?

Will people recognise me if I change my hair colour?

Decide what kind of person your company is and you will have a clearer vision of what you want to achieve and what your company is all about:

The kind of company you are.

The companies ethic and direction.

Staff moral and motivation.

The kind of staff you want.

How you treat customers and staff.

Your Reputation

In closing, it is important that you keep a level of consistency but, be adventurous too. Remember its not all about the logo and colours, its your company attitude, approach to everyday tasks and ensuring your staff are motivated. 

Keep things fluid and move out of your comfort zones from time to time. If your company colours are generally brown and cream; go for a bright magenta poster or, try mixing things up a bit and make your brand interesting to your new and existing clients.

If you have company vehicles, ensure that the staff that drive them are doing so in a professional manner.

A good way to find out what your staff thinks of the company is to ask them, take them for a meal OUT OF THE OFFICE and tell them that they can speak without consequence. Listen to what they tell you and act on it (within reason)

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