12 of the coolest workplaces… where do I sign?

12 of the coolest offices and work spaces that will make you look at your resume and “tweak” (lie to get a position with one of these companies) it slightly!

As we all know, most offices and work environments are terribly beige and they stifle creativity and suck the ambition from your body. However, some companies know the importance of staff morale and the NEED for freedom and inspiring management.

Some of these workplaces cater to your senses in a positive and productive way. Have a look and compare to your daily office life!

1) Has to be Google!

Come on! Who wouldnt want to work at Google… they even have nap pods NAP PODS!!!

2) Airbnb

Taking your dog to work? Are you allowed to do that where you are?


3) Dropbox

Are you allowed to ride a scooter around your office?

4) Facebook

Status update: Got job at Facebook and you didn’t ner ner!!


5) Inventionland Design Factory

Describe my office? IT’S A PIRATE SHIP!!! You heard me!



I bet I’m allowed to build my own desk out of little bricks too!


7) Nokia

My new telephone extension number is 3310!

8) Pallotta Teamworks

Genius use of storage containers


9) Selgas Cano Architecture Office

Do I work indoor or outdoor? Who cares…Bliss!


10:Urban Outfitters

You can’t beat the converted factory/ warehouse look. Perfection!


11) White Mountain Office

Seriously, I’d tell all my friends that I worked for Dr Evil


12) Zynga

They have a pool table… Hire me!

Which one would be your dream office? Before you decide, let us take a moment to look at the HQ for Viagra…