The internet suddenly vanishes… never to return. What happens now?


The internet suddenly vanished… what happens now?


Well, first of all don’t panic; D351 were designing before the internet and can almost remember how to do it so, we’ll be fine.

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning and the internet has simply…gone. 

Your instinct will be to get on Facebook and/or Twitter to tell the world (we’ll leave that with you whilst the rest of us move forward with the article).  All joking aside (for now), what would actually happen if the internet simply ceased to exist?

Here is what we think would happen, what would factually happen and how we would cope. Then we decide if it would be a positive or negative thing.


Day Zero: 00:00 hours- The internet has vanished completely

We wake up and instinctively reach for our preferred device and immediately sense something is wrong because, you have no notifications and you cannot connect to your social media accounts.

“Not a problem, it happens from time to time, right?” Very true. Could just be that your router needs rebooting or you’ve ran out of mobile data.


I just need one thing and all will be clearer in my quest for a connection…

Much better. Hmmm, still no connection!


Now, assuming that power companies and mobile phone providers haven’t been immediately hit by NO INTERNET;  you’re sat with your first coffee of the day and you’re already experiencing withdrawal symptoms and you’ve had a few texts from friends asking “is your internet playing up too?” and between you, decided it’s a provider outage or a mast issue and you comfort each other with “Yeah, it’s always happening; it’ll be back on soon” and such like. Until your journey to work begins…


Do you use the train or bus to get to work? Forget it! 

Hope you brought a book with you…

Bus and rail services will rely heavily on the internet and it will be complete and utter chaos. Imagine how many people were waiting for hours before you got there…

You best phone work and let them know, right? WRONG! Your mobile/cell provider has just crashed. The millions of people that want answers just overloaded the system and it’s basically gone!

The first few hours and we’ve already lost our stalking, SORRY I mean social media accounts, you can’t get to work (if you use public transport). You have zero signal on your phone and you can’t ring the office to tell them. Chances are nobody made it to the office.

WAIT I can use a payphone. You would think so… it’s more likely that the system that controls pay phones (those big glass boxes with a phone stuck to the inside), is server-based and that’s that.

Left with no alternative, you go home and update your………

…what are you going to update?



…can I borrow a candle?


Power companies, airports, international trade, banking… you name it, it’s in turmoil. But, such companies SHOULD have backup plans for such an event. They revert back to paper and pens and soon have things up and running again. Like we said, they SHOULD have a plan in place for such an event… fingers crossed!


Sharing a moment with friends…

After a few hours, something strange is going to happen…

People will begin knocking at your front door. Millions of people will start to knock on millions of doors. Your friends aren’t just a photo on a list; they’re real and they are knocking on your door.

After a day or two; youngsters will finally stop screaming “WHYYYYYYY?” and pulling out their hair to realise a new game, a brand new app called FRESH AIR and it’s free to play.

When you tag your friend, you better run because you’re it!

Netflix, YouTube and such like… well, nope! We buy DVD’s again; video stores begin to appear once more and independent trade is hitting the roof, your parents just bought a DVD store and they are making more money than they ever did. OK, it’s safe to assume Netflix will most likely open a few thousand mega DVD stores across the globe… a name change may be in order though; the “NET” is now something we catch fish with.

We can’t download our favourite music anymore, we go to the shop and buy the physical disk or maybe a vinyl or two. Over time, more and more record shops pop up and we actually like it…

People are out shopping, more and more sole traders are making money because the huge companies can’t control their stock properly yet and they can’t rely on internet based shopping.

We can’t email so we write letters to our loved ones abroad using the Amazon Postal Service. There’s no spellcheck, best buy a dictionary or pop to the library and borrow one eh?

This is a book

The world is still in panic for the first few months, the younger generation just can’t cope and it’s very difficult for them to adapt. Older folk like us will revert back to “how it used to be in my day” fairly quickly, helping our children and grandchildren to communicate without emojis and “LOL” (in fact LOL will be an actual sound now)

Using the net for fun will look like this

The more we go into this, the less negative we find. Yes there are many small companies that relied heavily upon the Worldwide Web and they most likely will lose their businesses and really struggle for a while.

Which brings us to the factual bit…

Stock markets would crash BIG TIME!! Companies like Samsung, Apple and Amazon rely heavily upon internet sales, losing the internet would bring such companies to a halt, having a massive effect on the financial market.

Companies like Paypal and eBay would cease to exist and so many people would be out of work.

Power companies and international travel agencies would have to quickly adapt to the new (old) way of doing things,

Ok, in reality the only negatives we can find would be loss of people’s jobs (but, would more jobs not be created for everyone?) and Stock markets temporarily crashing. Nothing is irreparably damaged and life continues…

Would we become more sociable?

Would our lives be enriched or deprived?

How would YOU cope without the internet?

Feel free to comment and give us more facts.