The brutal truth about SEO that will upset a lot of people!

As a marketing and web design company, there are many “typical” questions that we are asked;

  1. “How long will it take to get my site online?” 
  2. “What is the cost of hosting for?” 
  3. “What does this advert/ artwork have to do with my business?”…

the list really is endless.

The number 1 most FAQ is one that EVERY SINGLE web master will hear… A LOT!!

“How soon until I’m at the top of Google?”

And so the thinking begins:

When you have been in the industry as long as we have, you start to notice trends, patterns and variables that most “normal” people don’t. Which is what led us here; to this conclusion.

So, here we are in the 2nd quarter of 2018 and most marketing and SEO companies are looking forward trying to predict 2019 trends. We are looking closer to 2020 trends and how the techniques we used 2 years ago have affected what we do today.

With this in mind, we noticed a rather significant shift. A shift that has completely altered the SEO perspective.  

The market:

Over the past two years, we have all learned that ‘Content is key’ and the standard of content has had to improve to keep readers engaged, interested and to ensure they come back for more. The power in video commercials and advertising has increased massively and will continue to do so. We no longer need state-of-the-art camera equipment and a film crew to shoot a simple commercial; due to advances in general customer devices, 4K camera’s, drones etc.

There had to be a significant shift in SEO and general searching habits but, it seems that nobody has noticed that it has already happened, and believe us when we say that we have checked. Really checked.

The “we can get you ranked #1 on Google” boys:

If you have ever purchased a web domain, inquired about SEO help or even viewed a website that offers help with “getting to the top of search engines”; chances are that you have an email junk folder crammed with great offers from the folks that take £150 per month to get you on top of Google (other search engines are available but, let’s be honest with ourselves here… we Google)

If you have ever parted with your hard-earned cash for one of these thieving vultures companies to get your company to the top, you’ll all notice the same pattern.

  • They will talk to you day and night to get your money… answering all the questions you have.
  • They will then lead into the “90% of our customers have noticed results straight away” (like skin cream that will make you look 20 years younger overnight… uh huh)
  • You will (if you’re one of the lucky ones) be at the top of Google within a week… That’s amazing…money well spent, right?
  • Following week, you’re nowhere to be found and you try to get in touch and find out why.
  • The phone number, email address, ticket system that you used prior to payment no longer works and you are back to square one, but WORSE because…
  • Your domain address has been black listed by Google because of the methods you used to get your number one ranking.

Sorry boys and girls but once people have read and understood this shift… your days of ripping people off are quite simply OVER!

What are we going on about?

Traffic D351

It’s really very simple. We promise to get to the point eventually.

When you decide to take your business online, you are joining a digital highway at rush hour, all wanting to get the customer before anyone else. There used to be one off ramp to that customer and that was the humble search engine but, in the space of a couple of years… more and more off ramps have appeared BUT at the same time; more lanes of traffic.

Everyone is so busy rushing to get to the Search Engine ramp. So focused on getting to the top of that road that you’re all missing what happened whilst you were focusing on that… you missed every other off-ramp. And this is precisely our point… the reason that you’re reading this and not completing a form and parting with a couple of hundred to get to the top of Google.

There is a very common myth that people often mention to us “If my product/ service is quirky enough, it will stand out and reach top rankings on Google”

OK, let’s address this one so it can be put to bed once and for all. OK for the most part there is some actual fact buried in that myth, but its lost. (examples may be slightly exaggerated to make our point)

  1. You just launched your shiny new website, selling wooden hats for goldfish… “Nobody else is doing that so it will only be our company at top of google… WIN! Actually no… exactly how many people are going on to google and typing “wooden hats for goldfish”? Exactly!
  2. You open a brand new hair and beauty salon and you KNOW that you’re one of a hundred in a 3 mile radius so, you push and push and push but you’re position is the same as it was when you started a month ago. What am I doing wrong? Absolutely nothing, you’re doing exactly the same as every other hair and beauty salon in the 3 mile radius and beyond.

Basically, you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. You’re either a quirky company that nobody is ever going to search for OR your one of a million doing the same thing everyday. Oh but I used keywords with services and the areas that we cover… so did the other million people. POINTLESS and REPETITIVE and we have all heard the definition of insanity (but here it is anyway)

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

The point (at last)

You want to know what the big SEO secret is? Of course you do…

You have spent a few hundred, perhaps thousand on SEO and you hired those “people” we discussed earlier… that day at the top of Google was great right?

We all know what SEO means, what it stands for, right? (for those that don’t know, it stands for Search Engine Optimising/Optimisation)

Before we actually get to “the point” we just want to point out just how fundamental Google is to our everyday lives; were not bad-mouthing Google or any of those other search engines (names escape me at this point). We are talking about the importance of SEO and the money that people and companies pour into getting to the top of Google, when the truth is… (and here is the truth)


The days of your domain ranking at the top, being on the first page…or even within the first 4 pages making a big difference to your business.


The worry about your competitor ranking higher than you on ANY search engine and getting more sales etc


The reason it doesn’t matter is all down to a very old fashioned concept that worked rather well before the internet was ever a word…


And here is what we mean and how it works (how it is working)

Scenario one:

You want to get your car resprayed and you don’t have a lot of money to spare. A year ago, you would have hit the Google and scrolled over endless pages of “We are the best and cheapest car body painters”.

Today, we would hit Facebook and immediately post the following status “anyone know any good places to get my car resprayed?” And BOOM!! You have recommendations and you’ve been sent an invitation to LIKE their page and more importantly a LINK to their website.

(We need to pause for a second to clarify one simple piece of information and that is WEBSITES ARE STILL VERY VERY MUCH THE NOW and will continue to evolve and become more and more user-friendly as we explore more interactive interface etc. We are talking about the importance of search engine rankings and being at the top etc)

Scenario Two:

You’re Snapchatting with your sister and she sends you the “This is my dinner, mmmmm” Snapchat. You reply with “That looks delicious, did you make it”

Your sister tells you that she just ordered take away “I need that in my life” and you’ve already ordered one for yourself.

The point is, we as consumers are no longer relying on algorithms and SEO based results, we are once again relying on human beings and actual recommendations. You want to buy a new phone, you don’t rely on what you read on the internet 100%, we ask our friends on Social media and go and try one for ourselves.

This realisation has forced us as a company to completely rethink our approach to marketing and we believe it so strongly that we are pulling all SEO services from our site, any SEO software that we use will be gone from our website and we will rely on social media/ recommendations. Watch this space!

We the consumers are becoming more and more skeptical about what we read on the internet, which is where we need Google to verify if that celebrity really has died or if the posts about another terrorist attack are true.  For our shopping or shopping for services, we have reverted back to a simpler time almost, yes we like to shop around but… we will always go to the recommended shop first.

We the business owners are becoming lost with what the consumer wants and we are going to give it to them. We can tell you for 100% certainty that technology will always be in second place to human interaction and with the advent of social media and more and more new sites and apps launching… its more places to find out where to buy the best cup of coffee in a nice environment.

A funny thing will happen now… A lot of so-called experts are going to dismiss the majority of the above, simply because it has put a spanner in the works. That’s fine with us.

Life is about decisions, you can decide to ignore us and carry on stressing over ranking #1 OR have another read through and take action.