Our fresh new look

We have given ourselves a tasty makeover

After months (possibly years) of "should we, do we have time, hmmm i don't know"; we finally decided it was time to alter our branding and whilst we're at it, organise the site too.

Our old logo. So many companies have adopted the 'number/letter' integration over the years, we weren't standing out any more

Our image was starting to look a little stale and a tad out of date so, we sat around with pencils and sheets (so many sheets) of paper, as we do with all our client branding, and got to work.



It was a given that the new branding had to stand out like the old one had done for so long BUT, it had to be modern, clean and simple. With that in mind, we locked in the idea of incorporating numbers into letters as we had with the original look.  More sheets of paper and head scratching followed, until I (yes, it was me) had an idea evolving and with a little bit of fine tuning we had ↓

The D, 3 and 5 are clearly visible with a small 1 carved out in the mid-left

We are all very pleased with it and it should last us another few years before upgrade/updating.

The website

What was wrong with the website? Nothing at all.

When you rebrand or alter your branding; the look and feel of your site changes (in some cases all of your marketing material evolves too). So, we made the choice to strip back a lot of pages that weren't as productive as others, tweak certain areas and make the overall user experience a lot easier and cleaner.

The homepage now features the majority of the services you need, easy to access information and navigation from one page to the next. We designed it primarily for mobile devices because that is the age we are in now.

Over the next few days, we will be making slight changes you probably wont notice but, we know they need doing and because we are very OCD about such things; we need to attack them ASAP.

The End Product

She seems to like it

A clean new logo, distinctive and modern with a classical twist.

New easy to use, clutter-free web site that is much more friendly for mobile users, especially with hi-res screens

The same great service but with a slightly new wardrobe.



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