14 Famous Logos Then and Now

14 famous logos and how they’ve changed over the years!

Logos! Logos are everywhere and of course we all have our favourites

(Yes you do… “Oh I love that logo”). As with all forms of branding and advertising; logos also evolve, some more than others. Here we have 14 of our favourites, based on the evolution over time. And they’re all on one page so no clickbait here.


Apple Orignal Logo D351
Imagine this on the back of your phone
Apple current Logo D351
That’s more like it

2) Adidas

Adidas Logo D351
Not THAT Adolf
adidas Logo
The famous 3 stripes


Amazon Original Logo
Is that a road?
The Happy A-Z we are used to

4) Audi

Audi Original
We’re glad they changed it
Audi Logo
Four Springs and a duck technique

5) Burger King

Original Burger King Logo D351
Burgers are for eating not sitting on
Burger King Logo D351
…I’m feeling hungry now

6) Coca Cola

Coca Cola Original Logo D351
Between 1886 – 1929 Coke really DID have cocaine in
Coca Cola Logo D351
…probably THE most recognisable brand?

7) Doritos

Original Doritos Logo D351
Are those cheese slices?
Doritos Logo D351
A favourite with cinema goers

8) Ford

Original Ford Logo D351
Nice design for a belt buckle
Ford Logo D351
Harrison has this on his mailbox (he probably doesn’t)

9) Lego

Original Lego Logo D351
Lego logo Lego logo (sorry)
Lego Logo D351
Who Doesn’t love Lego? (until you stand on a piece)

10) McDonalds

Originals Mcdonalds Logo D351
Named after the original owners Richard and Maurice McDonald
Mcdonalds Logo D351
The Famous Golden arches

11) MTV

Original MTV Logo D351
THE Music Channel
MTV Logo D351
Logo with the music removed…Apt!

12) Nokia

Original Nokia Logo D351
Nokia Logo D351
3310 THE most beloved handset ever

13) Pepsi

Origianl Pepsi Logo D351
Looks nothing like an attempt at Coca Cola logo does it…
Pepsi Logo D351
…the famous Golden Ratio played its part here

14) Starbucks

Original Starbucks Logo D351
The 16th century Norse woodcut of a twin-tailed mermaid, or Siren
Starbucks Logo D351
Still a 16th century Norse woodcut of a twin-tailed mermaid, or Siren

(Ok we had to add this, didn’t we)

15) Designs351

Our first logo
See? Much better

Which is your favourite?

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