The internet suddenly vanishes… never to return. What happens now?

  The internet suddenly vanished… what happens now?   Well, first of all don’t panic; D351 were designing before the internet and can almost remember how to do it so, […]

Think before you text…

Using your mobile phone whilst driving is illegal; even if you’re waiting in traffic, at the lights or supervising a learner driver. 6 penalty points and a maximum fine of […]

First time working with a designer/design team

First time working with designer/ design team? Here are a few tips to surviving the first contact to approving the work they were hired for. First step is to hire […]

Getting the most out of social media

Using social media is easier than you think… So easy you can drink coffee whilst you do it   The popularity of social media is growing and it will continue […]

Celebrity Hybrids

Celebrity Hybrids We all have our favourite celebrity or personality… what if one became two? Below we have a selection of hybrid celebrities… it look wrong but feels so right. […]