The brutal truth about SEO that will upset a lot of people!

As a marketing and web design company, there are many “typical” questions that we are asked; “How long will it take to get my site online?”  “What is the cost […]

5 ways to keep your computer virus-free

Protect against future ‘WannaCry Ransomware’ type-attacks As some companies and personal users are recovering from the recent WannaCry Ransomware attack, we want to help future attacks from infecting your PC […]

Design fails guaranteed to make you laugh (and cringe)

Huge design fails that just can’t be explained (or forgiven) These days anyone and everyone thinks they are qualified to be a designer; “hey, I got Photoshop, I am now […]

Audi Logo

14 Famous Logos Then and Now

14 famous logos and how they’ve changed over the years! Logos! Logos are everywhere and of course we all have our favourites (Yes you do… “Oh I love that logo”). […]

The internet suddenly vanishes… never to return. What happens now?

  The internet suddenly vanished… what happens now?   Well, first of all don’t panic; D351 were designing before the internet and can almost remember how to do it so, […]

Think before you text…

Using your mobile phone whilst driving is illegal; even if you’re waiting in traffic, at the lights or supervising a learner driver. 6 penalty points and a maximum fine of […]

First time working with a designer/design team

First time working with designer/ design team? Here are a few tips to surviving the first contact to approving the work they were hired for. First step is to hire […]

Your search for a deal stops here

D351 has teamed up with Opt Local… to bring you savings on web design and branding… as well as hosting on our servers. Opt Local is a brand new company […]