About D351

Designs351 is a traditional design company that strives for perfection within the team.

Specialising in company branding, we always pay great attention to detail and how our work reflects on your brand and general image as a whole.

Why 'Designs351'?

Well, 'Designs' speaks for itself.

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D351 are not a collection of 'yes-people', if we don't think an idea will work for you; we will tell you. Your image and reputation is as important to us as our own. The honesty and professionalism is our foundation and we are proud of it.

More than 20 years professional experience in design and marketing, adapting to trends and design fashions. Originally working on hand painted flyers for school and friends, we soon learned and perfected our own unique styles and systems to bring you the best looking visuals, proven exposure and hits; not instant fixes ("We will get you to the top of google by tomorrow for X amount of money"), we build your brand and proceed to create a strong and reliable presence that won't disappear over night.

These days, finding the right team for you is a veritable minefield...

Everyone on Google is an expert and you will find a thousand results claiming "we are the best" and "the number 1 for design" and so on. Due diligence is key; create a shortlist and interview each as you would for any other job within your company... then and only then do you decide. You will not find us claiming to be the best, anywhere in our pages.